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  Stephenson, Robert, St. Andrews Biological Station– Co-investigator

Stephenson, Robert (Co-investigator)

Dr. Rob Stephenson is a senior research scientist with DFO and leader of the Gulf of Maine Section at the St. Andrews Biological Station. His background is in marine ecology and fisheries science. He has 20 years of direct experience with the fisheries of the Bay of Fundy and is a recognized authority on the herring fisheries that are prominent in the study area. He has been involved internationally in the development of improved approaches to fisheries science and management – including major involvement with developments of collaborative management approaches and evaluation of fisheries systems. Dr. Stephenson has collaborated extensively with Dr. Dan Lane in integrating aspects of Management Science with fisheries science and management. Stephenson has been studying the interaction of aquaculture and traditional fisheries for over a decade, and has worked in the past two years with Dr. Fred Page and others in developing a unified approach to the study of aquaculture interactions. Stephenson has formal affiliation with Dalhousie University (Dept of Oceanography). As a co-investigator, Stephenson would be both a key member of the scientific leadership team for this project and a direct contributor to the scientific deliverables. He would co-supervise the PDF/Student based in St. Andrews and contribute to the committees of other students. Stephenson’s role (with Page) as member of the Management Committee and SABS would facilitate networking and support in integration of diverse DFO data and expertise.

Affiliation: SABS, DFO, St. Andrews, N.B.
Telephone: (506) 529-8854
Fax: (506) 529-4274
Email: StephensonR@mar.dfo-mpo.gc.ca